Hey guys, in the most recent chapter of Black Clover we saw some of the best scenes in the series. This chapter was great and I enjoyed reading it. Moreover, in this chapter one of my favorite character made his return and I was on fire when I saw it. The next chapter will be even more amazing and we might see some more fights starting in this chapter. So, today I am going to give you my opinion on what might happen in the next chapter of Back Clover.
Let’s begin –

Black Clover Chapter 191

Black Clover Chapter 191 Spoilers

Before we begin let us do a recap on what happened in the lastest Chapter of Black Clover. In the beginning, we see the group recovering from the injuries that they received from their intense battle. Suddenly, two elves came out of nowhere and attacked the group but we then see captain Fuegoleon and Mereoleona jumping right into battle. Then we see the hole getting smaller and smaller by the second and then we get a team that are the backup team for Yami and Jack. But the Elves are defending it and they won’t let anyone pass through it. Then Black Bulls and the Elves start fighting each other. Meanwhile, the backup group is heading towards the hole. The chapter ends. Now let us talk about the upcoming chapter.

In the beginning we will see Asta and Co. making their way towards the hole but the Elves will try to stop them but the Black Bulls will intercept them. The Black Bulls will be shown fighting against the Elves and they will get more character development. We will see them combining their powers to defeat the enemies that are in front of them. They will finally beat the enemy and we will see Asta and Co entering the hole. There they will be greeted with some enemies but, the group will easily defeat them with no problem.

Black Clover Chapter 191 release date

Black Clover Chapter 191 Release Date

But, I think one of the strong enemy will appear in front of them, then Mereoleona will stop and fight the enemy. The chapter will end. Now for the release date, Black Clover Chapter 191 leaks will release on 1st February 2019 and it will officially release on 4th February 2019. This is it from me if you guys have your opinion on what might happen in the next chapter, do let me know that in the comment section down below.

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