Black Clover Chapter 189 Release Date And Spoilers

Black Clover Chapter 189 Release Date

Black Clover chapter 188 was a very good and the battle between the Black Bulls and Erica/Gauche is going on in full force. This fight was very good and also it gave the members of the Black Bull some character development. With this fight still going on some more amazing things await us. Today, I am going to give my opinion on what might happen in the upcoming manga chapter of Black Clover.
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Black Clover Chapter 189

Black Clover Chapter 189 Spoilers

Before that let us recap on what happened in the previous chapter of Black Clover. In the beginning we see a little back story of Henry and how his childhood was. Gauche starts his attack and Asta is trying to get close to him. Henry then makes a plane like thing and tries to escape from the enemy. Henry then lets his friends escape and sacrifices himself. But the gang don’t listen to him and come back with that they launch a full scale attack on Gauche. Asta managed to hit Gauche and chapter ends. Now, I am going to give you my opinion on the next chapter.

In the beginning of the chapter we will see Gauche and Erica sent flying in the distance by Asta’s attack. With that Gauche’s Mana will be drained quite a bit and will not be able to move. After that Henry will do his job by draining the remaining Mana of Gauche. Then after their magic has been drained by Henry, Asta will bring them back to their senses. The scene will change, we will see Yami and Jack. They will be moving towards the heart of the enemies’ base, there they will see Licht with his comrades. Yami will snap and will attack him without thinking twice. The chapter will end.

Black Clover chapter 189 Spoilers

Black Clover Chapter 189 Release Date

This is my opinion on what might happen in the next chapter of Black Clover. If you guys have your opinion on the next chapter, do tell me that in the comment section down below. Black Clover Chapter 189 leaks will release on 18 January 2019 and it will official release on 21 January 2019. This is it from this article and I will see you guys in the next one.

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