Black Clover Chapter 151 Spoilers

Black Clover’s previous manga chapter was very good and the next episode spoilers are out. In this post I will be talking about the next Black Clover chapter 151 spoilers. But first, we will be entering spoiler territory, if you don’t want to be spoiled click away now. Now that is out of the way, let us talk about the pervious chapter first. The Clover Kingdom was devastated and we now go back to the assault that was going on the Eye Of The Midnight Sun’s base. It seems that some members of the Royal Magic Kinghts are under the control of the Organization we seen marking on their face which proves that the Organization are planning something big.

This means that the person who is controling Licht and William might also have control over the people of Clover Kingdom. Also, that person somehow is able to bring people back to life like he did in the wedding of the past into brand new bodies. The scene changes, we get to see Noelle facing against Luck and other Royal Magic Knight, they are releasing great amount of Mana.
Black Clover chapter 151
Luck speaks with the other Royal Magic Knights and these Kinghts are Elfs from long ago, the Knights starts to attack Noelle but they miss because of Luck’s lighting Magic. Noelle fights back with her water Magic , then Luck then asks Noelle that’s if she is a noble.

Scene changes to Asta’s group where Lair lights up with magic, then he starts to attack Asta’s group with light sword magic and Dark sword magic simultaneously which is not heard of using with natural means.

The leader of the the Crimson Lions Magic Kinghts, Mereoleona, jumps in the fight and fights against Liar. On the other hand Asta and Zora are defending their sides until Aqua Deer Rill uses his Painting Magic which makes a 4 headed Worm and he also possessed by one of the Elfs, Lair knows about it.
Black Clover chapter 151
Now let us begin the spoilers, Mereoleona and Asta together are going to fight against Liar, on the other hand Whilst and Zora are fighting against possessesed Rill. Moreover, spoilers points that Noelle is on her own and we see her fighting again, as she is incredibly useful and has become a fan favourite character.

Are you guys hyped for Black Clover chapter 151?

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