Black Clover Episode 92 was a stunning one. In this episode, we saw how powerful Julius actually is. The episode kicked off one of the anticipated fights of the Elf Invasion arc in Black Clover anime. We saw the commencement of the battle between Julius and Licht. Julius was seen praising William. When the battle got underway Julius’ was seen using his time magic.

This completely shocked his opponent as his attacks were just getting erased. But Licht noticed a small window of opportunity in the time magic of Julius and was able to wound him.

Black Clover episode 93 release date

Julius acknowledged this and told Licht that this is the first time in years he has seen his own blood. Julius used time magic again to heal himself.

This battle looks like an easy victory for the magic knight so far. Julius also revealed that he has seen the future and that Licht cannot win this battle. Now, talking about the spoilers of the upcoming episode. The official spoilers of Black Clover episode 93 so whoever does not like to read spoilers please stay away from this post and switch to some other post on TheAnimeScrolls.

Here is Black Clover episode 93 preview for you all:

Black Clover Episode 93 is titled “Julius Novachrono”. In Black Clover episode 93 we will get to see all the people in the kingdom have noticed this battle and Marx has informed all the captains. Licht will know that he just cannot beat Julius because he is too powerful for him. Licht will then used the seal on him in order to destroy everything. He tells Julius even if he is able to save himself, the seal’s magic will be enough to kill everyone else around him.

Julius will then try to stop Licht in his tracks and while this all is happening Captain Yami will reach where Licht and Julius are battling. Captain Yami will notice that Licht has managed to put the sword in Julius this will shock everyone around. Black Clover episode 93 release date is 23 July 2019.

The spoilers of this new episode look too damn awesome. The magic spells in this new episode will be worth keeping an eye on. I’m eagerly waiting to see the moment when Julius gets stabbed by Licht. Licht really hates humans very much. So, let us see how things unfold in Black Clover episode 93. Do tell us your thoughts on Black Clover episode 93 spoilers in the comments section down below.


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