At the very last the Black Clover anime has commenced its most anticipated and its best arc till date, that is, the Elf Invasion arc. This arc will feature some high-class battles. We already know how long this arc runs and it us yet to be finished in the manga. In the latest episode of the anime, the ending theme of Black Clover anime was updated.

This new theme is known as “Against All Odds” by M-Flo. M-Flo is one of the famous Japanese hip hop groups. Some of the famous songs by this group include Come Again, Miss You, Love Bug, etc. Also, a new opening theme will be revealed in August 2019 but there is still a long way to go till then.

Here is the new Ending Theme Song of Black Clover anime:

The new opening theme is yet to be launched because of the obvious reason that the opening theme contains spoilers of the Elf Invasion arc and the anime makers do not want to spoil the fun for fans just as the arc has started, it could be too soon to launch a new opening theme. There have been a lot of positive responses for the new ending theme as it does look quite great.

So, let me give you all some spoilers regarding this newly launched arc in Black Clover anime. So, whosoever does not like to read the spoilers please stay away from this post. This arc will basically show how elves will invade the territory of Black Bulls. They will consume the bodies of various knights and thus the magic knights will have to battle their own comrades at times in this arc.

The most interesting thing in the arc is the Introduction of Devil later in the arc. The devil seems to be an indestructible creature with regeneration powers.

Black Clover against all odds

Even the strongest magic knights will have a very hard time facing this new enemy. I find the Elf Invasion arc the best arc of Black Clover series so far and thus the fans are super hyped up to witness this arc come to life in the anime series. The new opening theme is scheduled to debut on 09 August 2019.

This new theme is titled “Sky and Blue” by GIRLFRIEND. Do mention in the comments section down below what are your thoughts regarding the new ending theme of Black Clover anime being performed by M-Flo group?


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