Big News For Kabaneri Fans

Kabaneri of Iron Fortress was one of the hottest animes of this season. It certainly covered up the absence of Attack on Titan Season II. It was pretty neat. On Sunday, a prototype of Mumei from Kabaneri of Iron Fortress was revealed at the Kabaneri & Battery Exhibition, Sanshin Mokuhyō de Rokkon Seijō, event in the first floor atrium of Odaiba Aqua City’s Cinema Mediage.
Sayaka Senbongi, who is the voice actress of Mumei presented the statue to the crowd. Noitama Shop has opened a page where the interested fans can buy one of the 10 available statues by submitting an application. The cost of a single statue is 2,500,000 Yen (US$24,887).



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