Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. In this post, I’ll be discussing a theory regarding why Big Mom lost her memories, and her role in Wano going forward. Recently, in One Piece chapter 930, Big Mom was shown arriving at the shores of Wano country. She was shown again in chapter 931, where she seemed to have lost her memories. So, what happened to her?

Let’s begin this post regarding Why Big Mom lost her memories and her role in Wano

As I said Big Mom reached Wano country in chapter 930. She came in her giant ship with some commanders of her army like Charlotte Perospero, and Smoothie but all the others seem to be weaklings.
Big Mom Pirates fleet
Just as she was climbing the waterfall, King the Wildfire came in his Pteranodon transformed form and just pushed off her ship back down from the top of the waterfall. Big Mom was sent flying in water and then in chapter 931 we got to know that Big Mom had been separated from her crew and had washed up at another place in Wano where Momonusuke, O Tama, O Kiku and several others were practising swordplay.

Chopper immediately recognised her and Big Mom woke up suddenly and said “Who… am I?”. This clearly signifies that Big Mom has lost her memories, but why and how? As we know, Big Mom is super durable like Kaido.
Big Mom
So, even if she got hit by several rocks inside the waterfall she would have not sustained any damage.

So, how else could she have lost her memories? Well, here is my theory, the distance that Big Mom would have travelled by falling into the water is quite a lot.
Big Mom lost
Since she is a devil fruit user she would have weakened in water to a great degree and all her energy would certainly have drained out. It is not clear for how much time she had been unconscious. It could have been well over a day. It seems logical that she has lost her memories only temporarily just because of being thrashed inside water for a while.

Thus, I think that her memories will soon return maybe in a couple of days or a week.
Big Mom
But till then, Chopper and others will take care of her and by the looks of it, she has that childish personality right now that she had when she was a kid.

So, this Big Mom will love to make friends and the ones around her will be her first mates like Chopper who will treat her well. But what will happen when she becomes conscious again? When her memories will come back?
Kaido vs Big Mom
She won’t just kill Chopper and others suddenly because she would certainly remember how well he took care of her. However, Chopper would certainly understand what he has to do to stop Big Mom killing him. We all know that Big Mom has a disease which makes her go mad for food. We already saw that during her hunger pangs for the craving to taste the wedding cake throughout the Whole Cake Island arc.

So, Chopper will offer that he will cure her life long problem of these hunger pangs but in return, she has to forgive all the Strawhat Pirates and co-exist during the war to come.
Big Mom forms alliance
Big Mom will gladly accept this offer from Chopper.

Now, that she has lost her crew, she does need some help to take revenge for what King the Wildfire did to her and her crew. So, Kaido will certainly be the main target in her head. Thus, this will be her role in Wano country war.
Chopper's role
She is going to be helping Strawhat Pirates to defeat the captain of Beasts Pirates, yonko Kaido. This could mean that yonko Kaido will have a serious threat to deal with. No matter how strong Big Mom is she cannot take all the thousands of soldiers of Kaido and Kaido himself alone. Since she has no crew, she needs to make an alliance with Strawhats.

Thus, I do think that Chopper will cure Big Mom of her hunger pangs, maybe invent a new medicine or something. Also, she’ll join hands with Monkey D Luffy in order to take down yonko Kaido for good.
Big Mom Pirates
She could be the one who damages Kaido initially but then Kaido really kills her like he promised and then Luffy will finish off Kaido with a new power-up. So, let us see how things unfold in the upcoming war in One Piece manga.

That is it from today’s post on why Big Mom lost her memories and her role in Wano. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting TheAnimeScrolls for more information about Anime, Manga and movies. Do remember to subscribe to our blog by pressing the bell icon.

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