Why Big Mom Lost Her Memories And Her Role In Wano – Explained

Big Mom Lost

Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. In this post, I’ll be discussing a theory regarding why Big Mom lost her memories, and her role in Wano going forward. Recently, in One Piece chapter 930, Big Mom was shown arriving at the shores of Wano country. She was shown again in chapter 931, where she seemed to have lost her memories. So, what happened to her?

Let’s begin this post regarding Why Big Mom lost her memories and her role in Wano

As I said Big Mom reached Wano country in chapter 930. She came in her giant ship with some commanders of her army like Charlotte Perospero, and Smoothie but all the others seem to be weaklings.
Big Mom Pirates fleet
Just as she was climbing the waterfall, King the Wildfire came in his Pteranodon transformed form and just pushed off her ship back down from the top of the waterfall. Big Mom was sent flying in water and then in chapter 931 we got to know that Big Mom had been separated from her crew and had washed up at another place in Wano where Momonusuke, O Tama, O Kiku and several others were practising swordplay.

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