Big Mom And Kaido’s Alliance – Explained

We also saw Big Mom telling Kaido that she’s headed for Wano to kill the Strawhats and Kaido tells her the same and warns her that they will be killed only by the hands of Kaido himself. rocks pirate crewTo this Big Mom replied that does he not remember that he owes Big Mom and tells him this isn’t a discussion and cuts the phone. Big Mom is definitely going to Wano, and it’s mad what’s coming up in One Piece’s next 100 chapters or so. I can say without any doubts that One Piece’s Wano arc will blow every Shounen away.

Getting back to Big Mom and Kaido, we know that Big Mom and Kaido’s alliance existed before and now seems like they will again form an alliance to face the Strawhats crew once again.wano war We also saw that Navy was too interested about participating in this war but decided otherwise as Wano Country does not come under the jurisdiction of the World Government as Wano Country is not affiliated with the World Government. On top of that, the Marines have no clue as to what will be the strength of the Samurai of the Wano Country.

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