Big Mom And Kaido’s Alliance – Explained

Chapter 907 of One Piece dropped recently, and started with the conversation between these two great Yonko. Big Mom and Kaido were over a telephone and were being tapped by the Navy. new alliance one pieceEven though they knew that they were being tapped by the Navy they didn’t seem to care, to indicate that they feel that they are even powerful than the Navy which is true indeed. Now the interesting detail is what they wanted to talk about, and of course, the subject was none other than Monkey D Luffy.

We saw that they have a common enemy and want to take him down. This enemy is Monkey D. Luffy and his Strawhats crew. Luffy has damaged the reputation of both these Yonko. Strawhats was the main reason Kaido didn’t get hold of Momonosuke, and why his SMILEs business stopped as well. one piece rocksJoker got captured and that’s all down to Strawhat Luffy. On the other hand, Luffy crashed Big Mom’s party, and destroyed her plans to kill the Vinsmoke family all together. So, they do have a common agenda against the Strawhats and want to kill them once in for all.

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