Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. Today’s post is all about Big Mom and Kaido’s alliance. We got a lot of information which is enough to suggest that Big Mom and Kaido were working together in the past and will again work towards a common goal in future. Also, this post is full of spoilers, so whoever does not like to read spoilers please stay away from this post. So, without further delay let us begin.

The One Piece manga chapter 907 was absolutely amazing. It revealed some great information. It revealed that there was a humongous crew before Gol D. Roger, Whitebeard and Shiki. This crew was known as the Rocks pirates. We also saw Yonko Shanks at Mary Geoise which has ignited a new line of theories about that.big mom and Kaido's alliance But today, I’m only to discuss Big Mom and Kaido. Big Mom and Kaido are both Yonko of the seas. They’re very powerful pirates, and you cannot deny that they’re in a league of their own. Being Yonko, it is enough for one Yonko crew to equal the Marines and Warlords put together.

Chapter 907 of One Piece dropped recently, and started with the conversation between these two great Yonko. Big Mom and Kaido were over a telephone and were being tapped by the Navy. new alliance one pieceEven though they knew that they were being tapped by the Navy they didn’t seem to care, to indicate that they feel that they are even powerful than the Navy which is true indeed. Now the interesting detail is what they wanted to talk about, and of course, the subject was none other than Monkey D Luffy.

We saw that they have a common enemy and want to take him down. This enemy is Monkey D. Luffy and his Strawhats crew. Luffy has damaged the reputation of both these Yonko. Strawhats was the main reason Kaido didn’t get hold of Momonosuke, and why his SMILEs business stopped as well. one piece rocksJoker got captured and that’s all down to Strawhat Luffy. On the other hand, Luffy crashed Big Mom’s party, and destroyed her plans to kill the Vinsmoke family all together. So, they do have a common agenda against the Strawhats and want to kill them once in for all.

We also saw Big Mom telling Kaido that she’s headed for Wano to kill the Strawhats and Kaido tells her the same and warns her that they will be killed only by the hands of Kaido himself. rocks pirate crewTo this Big Mom replied that does he not remember that he owes Big Mom and tells him this isn’t a discussion and cuts the phone. Big Mom is definitely going to Wano, and it’s mad what’s coming up in One Piece’s next 100 chapters or so. I can say without any doubts that One Piece’s Wano arc will blow every Shounen away.

Getting back to Big Mom and Kaido, we know that Big Mom and Kaido’s alliance existed before and now seems like they will again form an alliance to face the Strawhats crew once again.wano war We also saw that Navy was too interested about participating in this war but decided otherwise as Wano Country does not come under the jurisdiction of the World Government as Wano Country is not affiliated with the World Government. On top of that, the Marines have no clue as to what will be the strength of the Samurai of the Wano Country.

Now, we know this for certain that Big Mom and Kaido will form an alliance in the near future. I’m now going to tell you a bit about why these two were working together in the past as well. one piece Garp Kaido big momWhen Hina and Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp were in a conversation, Garp gave us the details about Rocks pirates. This crew existed more then 40 years ago in the New World and this was way before the era of Gol D Roger.

It was also revealed that Garp is known as the hero of the marines due to Kaido and Big Mom. And since this detail was revealed right along with Rocks it hints about that Kaido and Big Mom were the crewmates at the Rocks pirates. I can say that with certainty because of a valid reason.one piece rocks pirates The reason being that in order to control all the seas supremely Rocks pirates needed a huge crew and also members that are extremely powerful. Thus, it hints that this pirate crew had to have crew members like Big Mom and Kaido. Thus, proving that they were also an alliance 40 years ago as the crewmates of the Rocks pirates.

Now, I hope that you all were able to understand how Kaido and Big Mom were an alliance in the past and as well as will be an alliance in the future. Thus, we’ll get an even bigger, and better war at the Wano Country than we saw at Marineford.one piece Marineford war Also, in Marineford we saw only one Yonko in action that was Whitebeard aka Edward Newgate but in Wano war we’ll get to see two Yonko in action, Kaido and Big Mom. I’m pretty excited about future chapters of One Piece.

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