Top 10 Best Kekkei Genkai Users In Naruto

Kekkei Genkai are special abilities that are passed into a specific family or clan. Also, it is possible for a user to have more than one of these abilities. So, today I am gonna rank the best users of Kekkei Genkai techniques.

10. Third Kazekage- 20161010231019
The Third Kazekage was known to be the strong Kazekage in the history of the Sunagakure and possessed the Magnet release Kekkei Genkai. Also, he could manipulate iron sand at his free will. His iron sand was known as Sunagakure’s strongest weapon.
9. Kimimaro- 20161010231311
He was last surviving member of the Kaguya Clan. Also, his Kekkei Genkai, Shikotsumyaku, was very powerful as it could make his bones as hard as steel and could aid him in taijutsu. This particular ability made him very deadly in battles.


        • No doubt that they are powerful, and Naruto is still able to use them. But, if you look at the other candidates, they’re much more proficient.

          • Adding a change to the rasengan was a extremely difficult task that minato couldn’t perform in his life. Also just because it doesn’t show him using the kekkei genkai in different ways that doesn’t mean he can’t.

          • Yeah I know. But, every other person on list has been shown using it more than him. If I were to consider potential then surely he would be on the list.

  1. i have a little bit doubt about sasuke uchiha because sasuke never did any thing on his own first the curse mark given by the ochimaru the reason for his black power then he transplanted his brother eyes in him and had become a eternal mangikyu sharingan and then got the power from the sage of six path like every thing was handed to him.

    • Truuue and naruto learne sage mode through training, defeated kurama and befriended him, and defeated sasuke who had the power of the sage of six paths which he got from the tailed beast while naruto used nature energy and kurama.


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