Best swordsmen in One Piece

Hi folks. We are back with another list. This time we are gonna analyze the best swordsmen in One Piece.
Warning: List may have spoilers.
10. Kyros- Kyros was named the best warrior in the history of the Corrida Colosseum after winning over 3000 fights. He then became the commander of the King Riku royal army. He had a statue made for him outside the Corrida Colosseum. Kyros is known for very being very harsh and brutal. But, even after all these accolades, he finds himself 10th on our list.
9. Kaku- One of CP9’s most powerful members, Kaku was a master swordsman and had perfected the Rokushiki. Kaku ate the Oshi Oshi no Mi, Model: Giraffe which Spandam gave him. He uses his abilities quite well. Kaku fought against Zoro in a life-and-death battle at Enies Lobby, and also sliced the tower of justice in half with his power.



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