Top 8 Best Pirate Ships In One Piece

Hello guys! Today, we are going to talk about Pirate ships in One Piece. Please do subscribe to our website for interesting articles, thank you. With that been said, let’s begin.

8.Flying Dutchman- httpvignette1_wikia_nocookie_netonepieceimagescc9Flying_Dutchman_Infobox
A Legendary ship. Legends say that this ship was cursed because it’s captain did a terrible crime, so God saw it fit to curse this ship to sail the water for all eternity. This ship is now used by Vander Decken, who is also eighth grandson of the original Decken. It looks like a ghost ship and is pulled around by Wadatsumi, aka, great monk.

7. Law’s submarine/Ship- httpvignette4_wikia_nocookie_netonepieceimages666HeartSub
Placed seventh on our list is the ship captained by Trafalgar Law. It made its debut in the battle of Marineford. Law came in this ship to save Luffy . It’s a submarine as well, and it is also equipped with modern technology.


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