Best Moments in the Entire Naruto Series

Naruto is coming to an end really soon after the Naruto and Sasuke fight ended recently. Naruto is filled with special moments that brings this anime more close to us. So, today I have compiled the best moments from Naruto series.

10. Sasuke putting Sakura under genjutsu- Best Moments Naruto
Almost everyone of us was waiting for Sakura’s death cause let’s be honest she’s pretty lame and totally uncool. And when Sasuke casted the genjutsu on Sakura, man that was really something. I really enjoyed it and I believe down fans did as well.
9. Minato trolling Lightning A httpvignette2_wikia_nocookie_netnarutoimagescc6Minato_flies_to_a_kunai(1)
Minato confronted Lightning A during the Third Great Ninja War. During the war, Minato had been an integral part of Leaf’ victory. A claimed to be the fastest person alive and challenged Minato. Minato kept his cool and owned him and Killer Bee as well.


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