Top 8 Best Fights From The War of Marineford

Hey guys. Marineford was one of the most epic story arcs in One Piece. It definiteky had a lot of fighting content.
Today we are going to rank the best fights in the war of Marineford.
Warning- List may contain spoilers.

8. Luffy vs Mihawk-
We begin our list with fight between the World’s Strongest Swordsman, Mihawk and Monkey. D Luffy. In his desperate attempted to save Ace, Luffy also came up against Dracule Mihawk. Luffy tried to run away from the fight but, Dracule Mihawk attacked him with his long range attacks. Furthermore, Luffy narrowly escaped and made his way to the platform.

7. Boa Hancock vs Smoker-
As Luffy was on his way to save Ace he was stopped by Smoker. Luffy knew that he couldn’t waste any time with him and he tried to run away but Smoker catches him. Also, At the same time one of the Shichibukai, Boa Hancock saves Luffy and tells him to go. Then, Boa fights with Smoker, and he was no match for her. She fought against Smoker without breaking a sweat.

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