Hey guys! We have witnessed numerous fights in One Piece. It’s really hard deciding which are the best fights. So, today I have made a list about the best fights in One Piece. Sit back and enjoy.
Warning: List may have spoilers.
10. Law vs Smoker- httpvignette3_wikia_nocookie_netonepieceimagesbbfLaw_defeats_Smoker-1--1-
We begin our list with the fight between the former Shichibukai, Law and G-5 Captain, Smoker. After finding Law on Punk Hazard, Smoker attacked him in order to arrest him. He underestimated Law and he paid the price. Law used his Ope Ope no Mi power to take Smoker’s heart and hence, defeated him.
9. Luffy vs Don Chinjao- httpvignette1_wikia_nocookie_netonepieceimages22bLuffy_vs__Chinjao
This fight happened in the Corrida Colosseum. Don Chinjao was holding a grudge against Garp so, he decided to take it all out on his grandson, Luffy. He was a very fierce pirate in his youth and had bounty of over 500,000,000 beris. Luffy who was powerful than ever unleashed his powerful moves and defeated Chinjao.


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