Best fights at Enies Lobby against CP9

Hey guys! Hey everyone! You guys probably remember Enies Lobby as one of the greatest arcs in One Piece history. Luffy and his friends fought CP9 to free their friend Robin from the the clutches of the World Government. All the fans loved how the Strawhats engaged in the battle with CP9 and how good the fights really were.
Well, Today, we’ve decided to rank the best fights at Enies Lobby for you. Let’s get started.
5. Franky vs Fukuro
First on our list is a fight between Franky and Fukuro. At first Franky couldn’t fight Fukuro because he was low on cola.20160721182606
Chopper provided him with some cola and after that, the fight took another twist. Outside the tower of justice, Franky engaged in a full on battle against Fukuro. The two exchanged blows but Franky ultimately won the battle quite easily.


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