Best Father Son Duos in Naruto

Farher son duos are really badass and cool. Naruto is filled with lessons regarding family and father-son relationship is an important one in Naruto. So, with this is mind I bring to you the best father and son duos.

5. Hiruzen and Asuma-
Father Son Duo
As far as relations between father and son, the two of them weren’t exactly the closest. Asuma had very different views from his father. But, after the death of Hiruzen, he knew exactly why he did all. Hiruzen was the Third Hokage and was known as the “God of Shinobi”. Despite his old age, he was able to save the village during Orochimaru’s attack. Personally I think both of them could have proven to be an excellent team.


  1. I don’t understand why you put characters that didn’t really form a duos you could have easily put choji and akimichi because they beat the husk or any other parent and child that worked together.


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