Batman is hitting the market with a new miniseries. This new series seems to be very interesting and if the series is half as good as the trailer then we all are in for a treat. From the trailer we can see Batman wakes up in a world which is nothing like he has known. He witnesses things that he has never seen before. There is an army of green lantern children, army of Superman clones,

Superman with beard and Wonder Woman with a mohawk. So, this indeed is something we have certainly not seen before. Some fans think that this story will be Batman’s own version of flashpoint and it does seem true. In flashpoint, Flash wakes up in a world where he sees things that he is unfamiliar with and seems like he has woken up in an entirely different world altogether.

So, this nee Batman story is indeed going to be awesome. Scott Snyder will be the writer of the story and Greg Capullo is the artist.

Batman last knight on Earth plot

The duo has been successful in whatever version of Batman they have created before and it seems by the looks of it that their success story is going to continue for a while longer which is exciting news for all of us. The synopsis of this new miniseries of Batman is as follows:

As expected the story starts with Bruce Wayne who opens his eyes in Arkham Asylum, he is sane and young but in this reality he has not been Batman before. It is a world he is not familiar with. Thus, in order to find out what went wrong and where and who did all this, he embarks on yet another journey to unfold this new mystery. Also, in the story are our familiar DC heroes but even these are not themselves. Batman will need to fight and investigate his way through to find out just who exactly is behind all this destruction of his beloved world.

DC Black Label is producing this new miniseries. This new miniseries is going to be a bimonthly one and it is going to have three issues. The title of the series is BATMAN: LAST KNIGHT ON EARTH. I am certainly excited for this new Batman miniseries.

It promises a lot and I think that it will be having a perfect blend of mystery, action and Batman’s cunning as ever deductions. It will also be interesting to see what the story holds for other DC superheroes. Do mention in the comments section down below what are your thoughts on this new Batman miniseries.


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