Top 8 Most Badass Roronoa Zoro Moments

Roronoa Zoro is the First mate of the Strawhat Pirates. He is the also most dangerous person in the Strawhats. Zoro has a lot of epic moments. I decided to make a list of Zoro’s most badass moments.

8. Zoro cutting the ship at Sabaody Archipelago
Roronoa Zoro
After the time-skip, Zoro was the first one among the Strawhats to return to Sabaody. He then cut the ship which he was sleeping on, because they disturbed him during he was sleeping. This was similar to how Mihawk cut Don Krieg’s ship back at the Baratie arc.

7. Zoro vs Kaku
Kaku was the second strongest member of CP9. In this fight, Kaku had the upper hand, because of his Devil Fruit and also his Rokushiki techniques. But, not for long. Zoro quickly unleashed his Asura, that sliced through Kaku’s most powerful move “Sky slicer “. Furthermore, even Kaku himself was amazed with this technique.


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