Top 10 Most Badass Characters in One Piece

Hey everyone! Everyone likes a badass characters. While the protagonist is usually funny and aloof, there are some who are completely different. Extremely composed, but equally dangerous.
Today, I’ve made a list of the 10 most badass characters in One Piece.
Let’s begin —

10. Cracker
Badass characters
Cracker is one of the Sweet commanders of Big Mom Pirates, and the one who defeated Urouge in a battle. He is also the only one in the series, who was able to take on Luffy’s Gear Fourth. Cracker probably weilds a Saijo ō Wazamono Grade sword, called Pretzel. He is also a little sadistic, and has a savage nature, which makes him one of badass Characters.

9. Jack
Jack also known as “Jack The Drought”, and is one of the three right hand man of Kaido. Those three are known as “The three Disasters”. He was first introduced at Zou. Jack fought against the Mink tribe leaders, who are extremely strong. He fought with their two leaders for 5 days and 5 nights, no one was able to stand against his brutal strength. Later, he attacked the marine ship that were carrying Doflamingo. He even fought against Fujitora, Sengoku The Buddha and Tsuru at once. Even though I hate him, he is one of the most badass Characters in One Piece.


  1. Are you fucking kidding me! You put sanji before law and Zoro and Doffy before Mihwak and Rayligh! What about Admirals, Kaido, BB! What a bogus ranking…


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