Top 10 Most Badass Characters in Naruto

Chakra reserves

Who doesn’t love a badass character? They’re really cool that sets them apart from rest. And not forget they have crazy powers. So, today I have made a list with the most badass characters from Naruto.

10. Kakuzu- Badass Characters
We begin our list with the guy with tentacles whom the ladies in Japan die for, Kakuzu. Well, he’s a really cool guy to be honest. He was talented enough that his village sent him to assassinate Hashirama Senju. He is only interested in money and nothing else. Also, he has a habit of killing his partners so he sucks really bad at team sports.
9. Third Raikage- 20161005234205
The Third Raikage fought against 10,000 shinobi alone, so that his comrades could escape without any harm. Furthermore this bastard was crazy enough to fight against Gyuki. He’s crazily powerful and very agile despite his size.



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