Avalo Pizarro: The King Of South Blue And Blackbeard’s Secrets

I am back and with a new theory on Avalo Pizarro. Enjoy!
This Theory is written by vandenreich of Oro Jackson.
All manga panel credits go to the respective manga comapanies.

So, Vandenreich believes that Avalo Pizarro is/was the King of South Blue and also a former Shichibukai.

It was Blackbeard Who convinced him to become a Shichibukai.

Now, we get into the details.

How do we know that Avalo Pizarro was from the South Blue?

It is because he is a Cyborg. The arms of Pizarro are mechanical and are the reason behind his gauntlets and also he can turn them into drills. It is also a proof that Avalo Pizarro has no Devil Fruit.
Avalo Pizzaro
How does being a cyborg link Avalo to South Blue?

Which other Cyborg do we know who came from South Blue?
Cyborg Franky.

We all know that Franky is extremely great in building machinery. And can make weapons form literally anything.

And most noticeable thing was that how he was able to turn himself into a cyborg.

Another person who is from the South Blue is Kidd.
As you can see in the above picture. Kidd and a child as a wrench and making a robot. And as he got old he turned himself into a part-cyborg.

What is with all these machinery from South Blue?
The answer is that he ran a cyborg initiative. Avalo was a king who wanted an army of powerful cyborgs and want his people to be powerful and also create weapons for him.


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