Monday, September 23, 2019
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Hi! I'm Afraz, and I'm from Jammu and Kashmir, India. I'm a die-hard fan of the amazing world of manga and anime world. So, I love writing stuff about it the same and share my views on different anime and manga. Connect with me on my email:
One Punch Man episode 23 spoilers

One Punch Man Episode 23 Confirms Genos Vs Garou Battle

One Punch Man's last episode was just epic. In this episode, we saw the message that was delivered by Monster Association which was that...
One Piece chapter 947 spoilers

One Piece Chapter 947 Confirms Luffy Takes on Big Mom

One Piece chapter 946 chapter is finally out and it is as expected to be every bit of awesomeness we expected it to be....
one piece wano new trailer

One Piece Wano Arc New Trailer Released

One Piece franchise has released yet another trailer for the new Wano country arc. This one is similar to the last one but contains...
Konosuba RPG gameplay trailer

Konosuba RPG New Gameplay Trailer Launched

It has been a couple of years since the Konosuba series went under the radar and lost a lot of its popularity. This franchise...
dragon Ball Heroes episode 12

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 12 Released

Dragon Ball Heroes is a not much talked about the anime version of Dragon Ball Z. There have been some irregularities in the past...
Dr Stone trailer

Dr Stone Anime Final Trailer Revealed

Dr Stone anime is easily the most anticipated anime of the summer 2019 season. Another trailer of the anime has been revealed and this...
fire Force anime total episodes

Fire Force Anime Total Episodes Confirmed?

Fire Force has been one of the most popular manga in the recent past. Atsushi Okubo is the creator of this original manga. It...
One Piece volume 93

One Piece Volume 93 Cover Revealed

One Piece manga's 93rd volume release is on the horizon. This new volume will be released on 04 July 2019. Even though the release...

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 12 Reveals Zenitsu’s Strength

Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba episode 11 was yet again an amazing episode. It seems that every episode surpasses the previous episodes in the...
Boruto episode 112 spoilers

Boruto Episode 112 Reveals the Return of Sasuke Uchiha

Boruto anime has just wrapped up the Konoha Shinden arc with the last episode which was to titled "Mirai's King". Mirai Sarutobi had to...
One Piece episode 890 spoilers

One Piece Episode 890 Confirms Marco’s Return

One Piece episode 889 was just full of flashbacks and almost no new content was adapted. We got to see Sabo and his comrades...
Fire Force anime

Fire Force Anime Added to Simulcast by Crunchyroll

Fire Force is one of the popular and innovative shonen manga which along a few others is getting an anime adaptation starting in July....