Attack on Titan is the most amazing manga out there. It has amassed more than a hundred chapters till now and considering it only releases one chapter per month instead of four, it is quite an amazing feat. It was revealed on Twitter by Kodansha comics they Attack on Titan chapter 118 will be releasing in Japan on 08 June 2019 which is certainly not far away from now on. We should expect the unofficial scans to land in two to three days prior to the official release.

But it is better than you all read the manga officially to help the manga community. Also, even if you cannot hold your horses and read the unofficial scans then please later read the official version as well just to help Attack on Titan manga community. Right now the Attack on Titan anime is in its all glory as it is delivering one blockbuster episode after another. In every episode, almost some character dies which is insane and the ones who haven’t read the manga will be really surprised how the things unfold in the next episode.

Since it has amassed 117 chapters and that too only one per month, it tells us that the manga has been around for a while. The manga was launched on 09 September 2009 which is now 10 years ago and seems just like yesterday as we just cannot get enough of Attack on Titan manga.

Attack on Titan chapter 118 spoilers

The writer and the genius behind the awesome story of Attack on Titan is Hajime Isayama and Kodansha is the official publisher of the manga. Unlike most manga out there whose English publishers are mostly Viz Media, Attack on Titan is being released in English also by Kodansha USA.

So, this manga is a Kodansha faithful. This is one of the most widely read shonen manga of all time now. As I said that only one chapter of Attack on Titan comes out per month so it ought to have a good magazine in which it publishes itself. The magazine in which it is published is known as Bessatsu Sh┼Źnen Magazine. Over the years now Attack on Titan has released 28 compiled volumes of this amazing manga.

Do mention in the comments section down below what are your thoughts regarding Attack on Titan manga. Are you excited about Attack on Titan chapter 118 or not? I certainly am eagerly waiting for the new Attack on Titan chapter to drop. Who is yet to read this manga should do so soon.


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