Black Clover is one of the best shonen manga right now in the market and with its latest art, it is getting better with every chapter. The latest chapter that was released was 208 and in this chapter, we finally saw Asta getting a new power-up and this power-up of his is a new powerful form of his Demon Slaying sword.

As we all know that the magic knights have been battling Devil for over two months now, no matter what they throw at this wicked creature he always seems to have an answer to every magic that is used against him. We have to see Devil being torn apart but regenerating, it seems that he is indeed undefeatable and the spirit of magic knights seemed to be at an all-time lowest that we have seen.

During all this Asta thought of giving it another short. He poured more and more Anti-Magic in his demon slaying sword to an extent he has never done before. This unlocked a whole we form of demon slaying sword altogether. This new form of Asta’s sword was so powerful that Asta lost control over it. He just went towards Devil and slashed his trident.

Anti-Magic Demon-Slayer Sword: Black Divider

This even shocked the Devil as he did not think that Asta was capable of doing something like this.

This new form of Asta’s sword is known as Anti-Magic Demon-Slayer Sword: Black Divider. Nonetheless, Asta was losing more and more control over his body and did not even hear what the Wizard King had to say. The only thing that was able to get through to Asta and again take control over his own body was Yuno telling him that he has lost control of himself. This is due to the reason that Asta and Yuno do not see eye to eye, thus Asta had to take control over his body no matter what happened.

After this Asta did realise what he might just be capable of doing, this new power-up that Asta has got might just be able to damage Devil for real this time. This form of Asta has made the magic knights and the Black Clover manga fans hope again about them defeating this evil Devil once on for all. But I still think that even though Asta might just be able to damage Devil with this form but since he has no control over it yet, it just will not be enough to defeat Devil. Do mention in the comments section down below what are your thoughts on Asta’s new sword form revealed in Black Clover manga.


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