Top 10 Anime-Manga Differences In One Piece

Hey guys!There are lots of major differences in the One Piece anime and Manga. In the anime, there are some scenes that are deleted because of censorship, and instead these scenes are replaced. So today I have made a list of Top 10 Anime-Manga Differences In One Piece. Enjoy!!
10. Sanji gets stabbed by Absalom
anime-manga differences
In the manga Sanji gets stabbed with a knife from Absalom. However, this scene was deleted from the anime.

9. Whitebeard’s face gets melted

Another anime-manga differences is when Whitebeard was fighting with Akainu. Akainu blew half of Whitebeard’s moustache. But in the manga, Akainu almost melted almost half of Whitebeard’s face. Furthermore, the wound that Akainu made on Whitebeard’s face was replaced with Akainu’s second attack on Whitebeard’s abdomen in the anime.


  1. haha. some of differences in anime ad manga are so funny like law give his middle finger to kid. and i din’t know that owner zeff cut off his leg and eat it to survive. cause he gave all of his food to sanji! thank you for this article or what ever did you call this!!!


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