Hey guys! Hope you all are doing good. In this post, I’ll be talking about X Drake’s devil fruit. Through the official spoilers of One Piece chapter 929, we now know the name of X Drake’s devil fruit. This devil fruit of his is known as Ancient Zoan Dinosaur Model: Allosaurus. Thus, this post is dedicated to X Drake and his devil fruit.

Let’s begin this post regarding X Drake’s devil fruit, Ancient Zoan Dinosaur Model: Allosaurus

X Drake is one of the most mysterious characters of One Piece.
Ancient Zoan Dinosaur Model: Allosaurus
We have not seen an awful lot of this character thus far in the series but in Wano country war he’s bound to disclose his super strength. X Drake is also one if the Supernova Pirates and thus far is serving Kaido as his headliner. As I said, through the official leaked spoilers of One Piece chapter 929 we know what will happen in this chapter. Kurozumi Orochi will be introduced for the first time. Also, a new character accompanying Zoro will be shown.

Most importantly, Vinsmoke Sanji and Trafalgar D Law will be faced by X Drake and his comrade and a new character in One Piece.
Strongest Crews
This new character is also going to have an ancient zoan type dinosaur devil fruit. But in this post, we are just going to talk about X Drake and his devil fruit.

Also, Basil Hawkins will show up at the scene and in the upcoming chapters, we might see Zoro joining the action as well. Now, let us just talk about X Drake’s devil fruit and what his powers might be.
Ancient Zoan Dinosaur Model: Allosaurus
As we know that X Drake is a former marine member and the captain of the Drake Pirates, so he ought to be pretty strong. We already knew what his devil fruit can do, as we saw his dinosaur form back in the Sabaody arc. But what we did not know was the name of his devil fruit.

Like all zoan types, he can turn himself into a dinosaur and even can use a hybrid form in which only some of his body parts turn into a dinosaur.
X Drake devil fruit
Now, we know that his devil fruit is named as Allosaurus which is an ancient bread of dinosaurs.

They lived on earth over 150 million years ago during the Jurassic Age. Allosaurus type of dinosaurs are predators, and they are designed for battles and are meant to kill their enemies ruthlessly.
X Drake's devil fruit
They have very sharp teeth. X Drake’s new fully transformed form could be 28 ft tall and 39ft long. His transformation will be way bigger than we saw before the time skip. It was believed that X Drake’s devil fruit was Tyrannosaurus or T Rex but that speculation has been proved wrong now.

X Drake is bound to have superhuman strength because of this devil fruit and coupled with haki, he will surely be a very powerful guy to deal with.
X Drake's devil fruit
Of course, his size is also going to be huge in his transformed form. Then there is also the question of how string XDrake has grown over the timeskip. I think Drake is one of the strongest Supernovas. He’s certainly stronger than Hawkins in my opinion, and definitely stronger than Apoo.

Coming back tho his Devil Fruit, Allosaurus are known for their enhanced sensory powers as well. So, it is possible that X Drake’s senses will be way above others. Like he could literally smell danger coming.
X Drake devil fruit
His sense of smell and hearing will aid him well in the battles to come. Another ability of Allosaurus is their speed. It may seem that transforming into Allosaurus will make X Drake slower but on the contrary, it will make him way faster which won’t give his opponents time to look away even for a mere second. X Drake can even use his tail as a dangerous weapon to surprise his opponents.

Allosaurus are also known to have high stamina which will help X Drake to last longer in battles. In the upcoming chapters, we might get to see X Drake finally in action after waiting all these years.
X Drake's devil fruit
I’m hoping that X Drake will go all out which will make Sanji and Law to go all out as well. This will be the first full-fledged battle of Wano country arc because the rest thus far were all cameos. Let’s hope this is a battle that’ll last.

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