All Nine Tailed Beasts And Their Unique Abilities

Tailed Beasts are the ultimate source of chakra. They are usually sealed inside a person in order to contain their power. But, these tailed beasts have their own unique traits. So, today we’re gonna list the tailed beasts along with their unique properties.
1. Shukaku-
Shukaku is also known as Ichibi. Shukaku has unique ability to manipulate sand and also possesses the magnet release. Also, it is the only tailed beast which has cursed seal markings over its entire body. With these cursed markings it can seal anything that it comes into contact. Shukaku’s sand is strong enough to withstand powerful blows including that of the Susanoo. Also, Shukaku can manipulate its jinchÅ«riki while they are asleep, which leads to host developing insomnia.
2. Matatabi-
Matatabi’s last jinchÅ«riki was Yugito Nii. It is also known as Nibi. Matatabi like all the other tailed beasts has a large amount of chakra. It can also use fire release. Despite its large size, Matatabi is very nimble. Its jaws are strong enough to crush any opponent. Also, it has a lot of physical power which Hidan and Kakuzu found out in their battle.


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