All 6 Villains That Turned Into Heroes In Naruto

3. Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha's invincible
Itachi Uchiha from the start of the series was labelled as a mass murderer who killed all of his clan members including his parents. He was labelled as a rogue shinobi by Konohagakure authorities. It was later revealed that Itachi Uchiha was actually a hero of Konohagakure who prevented a civil war and was forced by Danzo to kill his clan.

Itachi Uchiha was the reason that Sasuke Uchiha trained himself so hard and wanted to get stronger in order to get revenge from his brother. Sasuke Uchiha strived to kill Itachi Uchiha.
Most Missions Completed Naruto
Itachi Uchiha later managed to die in a battle against his brother Sasuke Uchiha, making Sasuke a hero in the eyes of people in Konohagakure. With every breath of his, Itachi Uchiha protected Konohagakure. He even joined Akatsuki and protected his village from the shadows. He is an example of a perfect selfless man.

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