All 6 Villains That Turned Into Heroes In Naruto


Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. In this list, I’ll be counting down the 5 villains that turned into heroes in the Naruto series. There have indeed been some characters that have caused mass destruction in NarutoVerse but ultimately chose to be the good guys instead of being super bad for all their lives.

Let’s begin the list of all 6 villains that turned into heroes in Naruto

6. Gaara
Villains turned heroes
Gaara is the current Kazekage of Sunagakure and a very close friend of Naruto Uzumaki. But, that wasn’t the case at the start of the Naruto series. Gaara just wanted to kill who meant him harm and didn’t even think someone cared for him. After meeting and battling Naruto Uzumaki he realised what the meaning of being friends is and since then he has turned into a good guy instead of the monster he was at the start of the series.

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