All 5 Karma Seal Users In Boruto

Karma seal users

Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list regarding all 5 karma seal users in Boruto series. Karma seal is an Otsutsuki curse mark that one gets after killing an Otsutsuki clan member. Also, a Karma seal wielder can share his karma with others as we have seen in the Boruto manga. So, in my opinion, there are a total of 5 karma users in Boruto about whom I’ll talk in this post.

Let’s begin this list regarding all 5 Karma seal users in Boruto

5. Delta
karma seal users
Delta is a member of an organisation named Kara. She does seem to have quite a high status in this organisation which means that she is pretty strong and powerful. By the way, she talks to Kashin Koji, it seems that she might be a bit superior in strength to even his. Also, she seems to have a weird mark on her forehead which I think is some other variant of Karma seal.

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