About Us

TheAnimeScrolls is a blog that aims to provide all the latest news related the world of anime and manga, and pop-culture. We cover a variety of content which you will find scarce at any other place on the internet. We realize that there are multiple other sources that do the same thing. But, the difference here is that we try our best to provide information that is bias-free.

At TheAnimeScrolls, you don’t have to worry about the information being hard to grasp. Our talented team of writers make sure that the content that is present on the website is explained in an easy-to-read manner. All the articles are classified by categories, and you can navigate through the menu easily, and get to where you want.

TheAnimeScrolls was established by Suzail Ahmad with the aim of giving something back to the anime and manga community. It is a fandom that has given many precious moments to us all, and and writing about is passionately is what we do best, here at TheAnimeScrolls.

Our writers cover diverse manga. From Shounen, to Seinen, to Shoujo. We cover everything that we feel the fans are looking for on the internet, and we provide a platform for them to interact with the writers, and other people passionate about the same stuff as them.

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TheAnimeScrolls India Limited
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Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, India 190005
Phone: +91-7006473571
Email: team@theanimescrolls.com

Our Team

Suzail Ahmad – Founder/CEO
I’m Suzail Ahmad, and I’m the founder of TheAnimeScrolls. I’m from Jammu and Kashmir, India. I’m a huge fan of comics and everything geek. Contact me at suzail@theanimescrolls.com. You can get in touch with me on Facebook at Suzail Ahmad.

Wamik Fida – General Manager
I’m Wamik Fida, and I’m from Jammu and Kashmir, India as well. I review a lot of stuff related to anime and manga; generally One Piece. Contact me at wamiq@theanimescrolls.com.
You can also get in touch with me at Wamik Fida on Facebook.

Jibran Wani – Senior Writer
Hi! I’m Jibran, and I’m from Jammu and Kashmir, India. I am a huge One Piece fan. You will find me writing about One Piece articles often. I enjoy writing about other anime as well. You can contact me at jibranwani@theanimescrolls.com.
Get in contact with me at Jibran Wani on Facebook.

Tahir Khan – Editor/Senior Writer
I’m Tahir Khan, and I’m a huge fan of Naruto. I’m from Jammu and Kashmir, India. I usually write a lot about Naruto and you can contact me at tahir@theanimescrolls.com. Additionally, you can reach me on Facebook at Tahir Khan.

Sheikh Afraz – Editor/Proofreader
I’m Afraz, and I’m from Jammu and Kashmir, India. I usually edit the content on the website, and proofread the stuff. Contact me at afraz@theanimescrolls.com. I’m also a huge anime fan, so you contact me on Facebook at Sheikh Afraz.