The 9 Samurai Of Wano: Death Of Kurozumi Orochi Explained

9 Samurai

Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. In this post, I’ll be discussing the 9 Samurai of Wano who will rise and kill Kurozumi Orochi. In One Piece manga chapter 919, we got some amazing details about some of the Samurai that will take Kozuki clan’s revenge, and open the gates of Wano Country.

Let’s begin this post regarding the 9 Samurai of Wano: Death of Kurozumi Orochi

So, first let me tell you about what we saw in One Piece manga chapter 919. We got to see that Kiku could well be another retainer of Kozuki clan as she addressed Kinemon as her master and Momonusuke as lord.
9 Samurai of Wano
We also got to know that Momonusuke and others have time jumped from the Wano country of 20 years ago, to the current timeline. This has raised more questions regarding Oden’s death, and someone from Wano probably has a time time devil fruit. In the last chapter, we got some incredible details about how Oden Kozuki, and the other known Kozuki Clan members were supposedly killed.

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