The 9 Samurai Of Wano: Death Of Kurozumi Orochi Explained

9 Samurai

Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. In this post, I’ll be discussing the 9 Samurai of Wano who will rise and kill Kurozumi Orochi. In One Piece manga chapter 919, we got some amazing details about some of the Samurai that will take Kozuki clan’s revenge, and open the gates of Wano Country.

Let’s begin this post regarding the 9 Samurai of Wano: Death of Kurozumi Orochi

So, first let me tell you about what we saw in One Piece manga chapter 919. We got to see that Kiku could well be another retainer of Kozuki clan as she addressed Kinemon as her master and Momonusuke as lord.
9 Samurai of Wano
We also got to know that Momonusuke and others have time jumped from the Wano country of 20 years ago, to the current timeline. This has raised more questions regarding Oden’s death, and someone from Wano probably has a time time devil fruit. In the last chapter, we got some incredible details about how Oden Kozuki, and the other known Kozuki Clan members were supposedly killed.

We got to know that Oden Kozuki and his subordinates were all burned down along with the Oden Castle 20 years ago. Also, it was revealed that the wife of Kozuki Oden cursed Kurozumi Orochi.
9 Samurai
She said that 20 years later, 9 Samurai of Wano will rise and bring a new dawn in Wano country, and open the gates of Wano at the same time.

So, who are these 9 Samurai of Wano country that will rise and kill Kurozumi? First of all, I know that all fans will jump up and rejoice and think that some of the Strawhat Pirates will be among these 9 Samurai of Wano that will kill Kurozumi Orochi.
death of Kurozumi
But my theory is pretty different from others. I think that Oden’s wife didn’t curse Kurozumi Orochi. She simply told her what is going to happen certainly. 20 years ago in Wano, there was no Monkey D Luffy, Roronoa Zoro, Sanji or others. All I’m suggesting is that these 9 Samurai have nothing to do with the current generation, but the characters from 20 years ago.

In my previous theories, I talked about someone among the eight ghosts of Wano having the time time devil fruit.
wano war
First of all, my theory is that it was Oden’s plan to take down Kurozumi Orochi 20 years in the future. It is possible that the ghost graves we saw are all alive and well, including Oden Kozuki.

Yes, that’s right I’m speculating this because since almost 6 of the characters out of 8 ghosts are alive, why not other two as well?
wano war
When Kiku saw Kinemon, it was as if she was surprised to see him alive. If she knew that he time travelled as well then why was she so surprised. I think Kiku was sent into future before others. So, I think that Oden was one of the last ones to be sent in the future, and that’s why Momonusuke thinks he’s dead. If he’s dead then why is he considered a Ghost of Wano? It is a clear hint that he too has been sighted in Wano as well.

Thus, I think that it was Oden’s plan to take revenge, and kill Kurozumi Orochi 20 years in the future.
9 Samurai of Wano
That is why I think that the 9 Samurai of Wano, who are there to take down Kurozumi Orochi, are all from the past. You might have already observed that the ghosts of Wano country are eight characters.

So, I’m suggesting that all of these characters are alive and well. These characters, including Oden Kozuki and his wife make up the 9 Samurai of Wano Country.
9 Samurai
But the graves are only eight so who will be the 9th character, or samurai that will make up these 9 Samurai of Wano? Well, my opinion is that the one with the time time devil fruit who sent these characters into the future couldn’t send himself to future as well. To me, this means that he can only send others into future and not himself.

There’s a reason why there are only 8 graves, and not 9. The 9th member will be someone who would be waiting for the 20 years to pass and join his comrades again to kill Kurozumi Orochi. Have we seen some character who has been waiting in Wano for someone?
9 Samurai
Well, of course we have, and he is the one who introduced Nidai Kitetsu in One Piece universe. His name is Hitetsu. So, these will be the 9 Samurai of Wano that will kill Kurozumi Orochi soon.

That is it from today’s post on 9 Samurai of Wano country. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting TheAnimeScrolls for more information about Anime, Manga and movies.

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