Top 9 Jutsu Stronger Than Perfect Susano’o

perfect Susano'o

Hey guys! Hope you are doing well. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of top 9 jutsu stronger than the Perfect Susano’o. Perfect Susano’o is the manifestation of one’s chakra into a humongous humanoid. It looks like a warrior with mostly a sword. We have just seen there perfect Susano’o. One of Kakashi, Sasuke and Madara. Indra’s was a filler.

Let’s begin the list of jutsu stronger than Perfect Susano’o

9. Tailed Beast Transformations
perfect Susano'o
All tailed beast jinchuuriki can transform into their tailed beasts and Madara Uchiha specified himself that his Perfect Susano’o was tailed beast level. All the tailed beasts have unique abilities and there are a total of 10 tailed beasts including the Ten-Tails beast. So, all of these transformations are individually more powerful than Susano’o or at least on par with it.

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