9 Characters Who Will Join The Strawhat Grand Fleet After Wano Arc

The Strawhat Grand Fleet

Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of 9 characters who’ll join the Strawhat Grand Fleet after Wano country war. Wano war will be the climax of the Wano arc and at least one yonko is bound to fall after the war. So, there will be a huge chaos and new pirated might align with the Strawhat Grand Fleet.

Let’s begin this post regarding 9 characters that will join the Strawhat Grand Fleet

9. Aladine
Strawhat Grand Fleet
Aladine is a former subordinate of Jinbe. He is so powerful that he was able to clash with even Charlotte Oven with just his fists. Aladine is now the captain of Sun Pirates since Jinbe has left. It is still unknown whether he escaped from Big Mom’s grasp or not. I think that since Jinbe is now a Strawhat, Sun Pirates might align with the Strawhat Grand Fleet to make it even stronger and by doing this Aladine will stay in touch with his idol Jinbe.

8. Carrot
join Strawhats
Carrot is from the Mink Tribe from Zou Island. She showed us how powerful she can become in her Sulong form when she singlehandedly destroyed Daifuku’s entire fleet. We have seen that whoever becomes a part of this pirate crew has a hard time if they go there separate ways. I’m positive that she’ll join the Strawhat Grand Fleet after the Wano country war, or end up becoming a Strawhat.

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