In the Naruto series, we saw a lot of legendary shinobi. They had some extraordinary skills, and techniques in their arsenal which put them leagues above the rest. While most of these legendary shinobi died, there are some who have taken up the torch, and lead the current generation in Boruto. Let us look at these legendary Shinobi. Let’s begin—

8. Naruto Uzumaki legendary
Naruto Uzumaki is the son of the fourth Hokage, and he is the Seventh Hokage of Konohagakure. He is a legendary shinobi and the most powerful Shinobi of all time. He has the chakra of all the nine tailed beasts inside him, and can transform in nine tails, Kurama. He has the Six Paths chakra as well which he received from Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki, and can use the Six Paths Senjutsu as well.

7. Sasuke Uchiha legendary
Sasuke Uchiha is known as the Other Hokage of Konohagakure. He is the reincarnation of Indra Ōtsutsuki. Sasuke Uchiha received the Six Paths Chakra from Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki, due to which he Awakened Rinnegan in his left eye. His Mangekyou Sharingan gives him the ability to use Amaterasu, black inextinguishable flames. He can use all the techniques granted to him by Rinnegan and also can summon a complete body Susanoo. He is a legend, without a doubt.

6. Kakashi Hatakelegendary
Kakashi Hatake is a legendary shinobi of Konohagakure. He is the Sixth Hokage of Konoha, and is renowned as Kakashi the Copy Ninja. This is because he has copied more than a thousand jutsu using his Sharingan. He helped Sasuke and Naruto to seal Kaguya Ōtsutsuki, and for a brief moment, he was one of the strongest to ever exist in Naruto verse.

5. Orochimarulegendary
Orochimaru is one of the three Legendary Sannin of Konohagakure. In the quest for immortality, he has killed a lot of people just for the sake of his experiments. His ambition is to learn all jutsu and to achieve this he keeps on changing host bodies to prolong his life. Even though we haven’t seen his full power, we have seen that killing him in battle in very hard. He even knows forbidden jutsu. To be alive and as young as ever only means that he’s stronger than before. Orochimaru is a legend without a doubt.

4. Tsunade Senjulegendary
Tsunade Senju is also one of the Three Legendary Sannin of Konohagakure. She is the Fifth Hokage of Konohagakure. Tsunade Senju is known for her healing abilities and her enormous strength. She has saved countless lives during the Shinobi Wars, and during the invasion of pain in Konohagakure. After the 4th Great Ninja War, she passed her Hokage status to Kakashi Hatake.

3. Sakura Harunolegendary
Sakura Haruno was the student of Tsunade Senju herself. She has inherited the strength, and medical ninjutsu skills from her teacher. Sakura Haruno, like her teacher and mentor, can use the strength of a hundred seal during whose usage she becomes almost immortal. Ability to use this jutsu demonstrates her amazing chakra control. She is a part of the Legendary Three Way Deadlock, formed during the 4th Great Ninja War.

2. Ōnokilegendary
Ōnoki, the Third Tsuchikage of Iwagakure is a very proud old man. He can use earth, fire, wind, lightning and yang release techniques. Ōnoki combines three nature transformations to use his Dust Release, which is very rare. Using dust release, he can demolish his enemy to dust-sized particles. He is very experienced, and despite being old, he is very powerful.

1. Might Guylegendary
Might Guy is another legendary Jōnin of Konohagakure. He earnEd himself the status of a legend during the 4th Great Ninja War, when his true power was demonstrated. He battled it out with Madara, the Ten Tails Jinchuuriki. Might Guy opened all the eight inner gates, and almost killed Madara Uchiha with his overwhelming strength. Guy lost his leg during the battle, and cannot fight anymore. However, he remains a legend of the Shinobi World.

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