All 8 Devil Fruits With Similar Powers

Here is a list of Devil Fruits which have similar powers. While most Devil Fruits have distinct powers. Some of them have relation to each other. Today we enlist all such Devil Fruits and present to you reader the gist. While the list is subject to change with content from manga in future as of now its fully complete.

8. Hito Hito No Mi-
Also known as the Human-Human Fruit. Several variations of this Zoan fruit exist in the One Piece world. This Zoan Fruit as of now has two existing models. One is the

Image result for one piece chopper transformations

This fruit gives Blue Nose Reindeer Chopper Human characterstics.

The other is Model Hito Hito No Mi, Model: Daibutsu

Similar Powers

Sengoku one of the Marine Heroes and former Fleet Admiral possesses this Power.

The differences amongst two Devil Fruits are pretty clear from the images however in essence the Two fruits achieve similar objectives. Which is why they appear together in the list.

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