8 Devil Fruits That Can Bypass Armament Haki

Haki is the manifestation of the Will power of a person. It exists within everyone, but only few are able to awaken this power. One of the most important uses of Haki is that it helps a person to hit a Devil Fruit user, and is a great advantage against them, but, it doesn’t nullify ones Devil Fruit abilities. Yet, some Devil Fruit have ability to bypass Armament Haki and today’s list is about 8 such Devil Fruits that can bypass Armament Haki.

So, Let’s begin —

8. Hobi Hobi no Mi
observation Haki
The Hobi Hobi no Mi was eaten by Sugar. She was the member of the Donquixote Family and the sister of Monet. The Hobi Hobi no Mi allows her to turn anyone into a toy, and she can also control them at her will. With only a slight touch from her hand, the person will become a toy. Even if a person coats his entire body in, Armament Haki, once they’re touched, they’ll be transformed.



  1. Law actually used haki. His devil fruit didnt bypass Vergo’s haki, Law’s haki just overpowered Vergo’s. Blackbeard also suffered under Whitebeard’s haki in their battle at the war at the marineford


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