8 Deadly Naruto Jutsu That Could Kill Anyone

3.Ningendo Naruto Jutsu
Ningendo, or the human path, is the Jutsu only a Rinnegan wielder can use. This technique is one of the most underrated Jutsu that I’ve seen. In this technique, if a user places his hand on chest or on head of the target, he’s able to read the targets mind, and also inevitably extract their soul, which ultimately causes the target to die. Even though this technique is very dangerous, it is difficult to use in a battle. However, Nagato could is it on two Jinchuuriki simultaneously.

2.Ura Shishō FuinNaruto jutsu
Ura Shishō Fuin or the reverse Four Symbols Sealing Jutsu is the stronger version of the four symbols seal. Its user draws the seal on his chest and sets it to activate upon their death. When close to dying, the seal is activated and then whatever comes in the radius of the black sphere, is sucked in and sealed in the dead body. This Jutsu is pretty dangerous, and can kill anyone.

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