8 Deadly Naruto Jutsu That Could Kill Anyone

7. Shiki FujinNaruto Jutsu
Shiki Fujin or the Dead Demon Consuming Seal is the sealing technique developed by the Uzumaki Clan. Shiki Fujin uses the power of the God of death. If somebody uses this technique, it allows the user to seal the enemies soul in the stomach of the Shinigami. A mark appears on the user’s stomach, and in return, the user’s own soul is also taken by the Shinigami.

6.Rikudo: Chōuodama RasenshurikenNaruto Jutsu
Rikudo: Chōuodama Rasenshuriken is a Jutsu Naruto Uzumaki used against Sasuke Uchiha while fighting him just after the war ended. Naruto Uzumaki activated sage mode while also using nine tails chakra. It is Naruto’s strongest technique yet, and it easily has the ability to destroy a landmass, like a country or maybe even.

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