All 7 Users Of The Teleportation Ninjutsu in Naruto

Teleportation Ninjutsu is a technique where a person travels from point A to Point B, without having to actually travel the distance.
Only 7 Characters have managed to gain the ability to Teleport in Naruto.
7. Shisui Uchiha
Teleportation Ninjutsu
Shisui Uchiha was also known as “Shisui the Teleporter”, or “Shisui of the Body Flicker”. It is unknown if Shisui was actually able to teleport or not, but he was extremely fast. I’m gonna go ahead and give him the benefit of doubt and include him in this list. Shisui was said to be so remarkably talented with the Body Flicker Technique, that it appeared as if he teleported.

6. Tobirama Senju
Tobirama Senju was the creator of the Flying Thunder God Technique. With this techniques, he was able to mark an object or a place, and instantly travel to that location. He also used this technique on his weapons, so as to improve his combat ability. Tobirama’s Hiraishin no Jutsu made him the fastest character of his generation.


  1. Shisui isn’t a teleporter….. Sasuke could use amenotejikara three times at the time he newly got his rinnegan. Now he should be able to do far more than that

    • Yes, shisui isn’t a Teleporter. But he has been referred to as Shisui the Teleporter. And about Amenotejikara, we don’t know how many times Sasuke can use it now. In the Naruto series, it was three times.

  2. The three leaf shinobi who can use the flying raijin jutsu but only when they were in contact with each other , one of then was Genma . They showed this technique while teleporting fifth mizukage to fight madara during the wad


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