All 7 Users Of The Susanoo In Naruto

Susanoo is a giant humanoid, made up of the user’s own Chakra which surrounds them, and also fights on their behalf.
Members of the Uchiha Clan have access to the Susanoo. The Susano’o is also considered the strongest ability of the Mangekyō Sharingan.
Below is a list of the 7 different users of the Susano’o in Naruto.

7. Shisui Uchiha
In Naruto Escapades, Shisui Uchiha is shown using the Susano’o. His Susano’o is Green in colour and also has a staff which he can engulf in flames. Shisui was able to use the Susano’o even after Danzō Shimura stole his right eye.

6. Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha was the first shown user of the Susano’o in Naruto Shippuden. His Susano’o is orange in colour. Itachi’s Susano’o held the ethereal weapons of the Yata Mirror, and also, the Totsuka blade. These weapons made Itachi Uchiha Invincible.


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