All 7 Naruto Characters Who Turned Evil

Time causes a lot of people to change. Likewise in Naruto, many characters turned evil due to some unfortunate consequences. They might have gained a lot of hatred but all of it has a reason. So, today I have made a list of characters who turned evil.

7. Kabuto Yakushi- Turned Evil
Kabuto was an orphan, who was adopted by Nonō Yakushi. His parents were killed in a war. After spending some time in the Orphanage, Kabuto had to go to Root. Danzo planned a trap which would kill both Kabuto and his adopted mother. But, he killed Nonō Yakushi, and then he was saved by Orochimaru. After that, he became Orochimaru’s right hand man and he was also involved in Konoha Crush. Moreover, he was also responsible for the destruction that happened in the Fourth Great Ninja War.


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