Top 7 Characters Who Could Defeat Sage Mode Jiraiya Without Six Paths Powers


Jiraiya will remain one of the best teachers in Naruto. Sage Mode Jiraiya was one the strongest if not the strongest character in the series. He was almost unbeatable in his sage mode. However, there are some characters who can defeat him. So, today I have made a list of characters who can defeat Sage Mode Jiraiya without any six paths powers.

7. Third Raikage-

The Third Raikage was a monster. He had the strength of Tailed Beast. His chakra reserves were unreal. The Third Raikage was crazy and powerful enough to fight Gyuki bare handed. Also, he fought against 10,000 freaking shinobi in order to let his friends escape. Without a doubt, if Jiraiya takes too long to get into the sage mode, it’s curtains for him against this mighty beast.
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