All 7 Characters Who Can Defeat Six Paths Madara

Sage of Six Paths

After absorbing the Ten Tails, Madara came to be known as the “Second Sage of Six Paths”. His power was unmatched and no one could really touch him except Might Gai. But, still Madara won the battle. So, today I give you 7 characters who are capable of defeating Six Paths Madara Uchiha.

7. Kinshiki Ōtsutsuki-
We begin the list with Kinshiki, who was the partner of Momoshiki. The combined duo of him and Momoshiki was even feared by Kaguya. He had a very large body structure that gave him incredible strength to fend off several Kage. Also, Kinshiki was able to absorb chakra and thus, rendering ninjutsu useless. It’s very unlikely that he’ll be able to defeat Madara but he will surely give him a fight.


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