All 7 Characters Who Can Defeat Six Paths Madara

Sage of Six Paths

After absorbing the Ten Tails, Madara came to be known as the “Second Sage of Six Paths”. His power was unmatched and no one could really touch him except Might Gai. But, still Madara won the battle. So, today I give you 7 characters who are capable of defeating Six Paths Madara Uchiha.

7. Kinshiki Ōtsutsuki-
We begin the list with Kinshiki, who was the partner of Momoshiki. The combined duo of him and Momoshiki was even feared by Kaguya. He had a very large body structure that gave him incredible strength to fend off several Kage. Also, Kinshiki was able to absorb chakra and thus, rendering ninjutsu useless. It’s very unlikely that he’ll be able to defeat Madara but he will surely give him a fight.


  1. I disagree with this list. Madara is too intelectualy superior too all these characters. True, Momoshiki and Kinshiki together would give Madara a fight. But it was apparent in the Boruto movie that Momoshiki must see the ninjustsu in order to absorb it, making Madara’s Limbo ability able to end the battle quite quickly. Not to mention Madara’s storm release justsu that are as fast as lightning, and momoshiki/Kinshiki weren’t able to avoid Naruto and Sasuke’s basic hand-to-hand attacks. Next is Naruto and Sasuke, Naruto was able to hit Madara and deal some damage, and Madara was surprised by Sasuke new found powers and speed, but I dare even say that he was merely fazed by it and quickly understood what they were capable of. Alone, I doubt Naruto would have the intelegence to even go up against Madara. Sasuke, on the other hand, does have an intelenge not quite on par with Madara, but close due to difference in years, but may not have the power Madara possesses considering the arsenals both characters have. I agree with Hamura and Hagoromo, they have a vast intelligence and in their prime may be able to defeat Madara. Kaguya I disagree with simply because her lack of intelligence. In the article it is mentioned that she has access to jump dimensions and this is true, but going against someone like Madara, this skill would have to be used in extreme swiftness. Kaguya’s abilities are strong yes, but require too much chakra and drains too much of her energy to be able to factor in a battle with Madara. With all of this said, we have never seen Madara’s true power, he was merely playing with Naruto and Sasuke, dare should I mentioned this was after toying with Guy and getting half his body blown away and regenerating it. It’s hard to say exactly who could truly beat Madara, but this is a very stable list for the most part. I do think that instead of Kinshiki, Momoshiki, Naruto, or Sasuke, that Guy should be added onto the list considering Madara was amazed by his ability, and that Guy has gained all his power through himself unlike Naruto or Sasuke who were given their six paths ability.


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