6 Uchiha Who Broke The Curse Of Hatred

Defeat Hashirama

The Curse of Hatred is an ideal among those of the Uchiha Clan. According to Tobirama, the Uchiha are devoted to love and friendship, but the loss of this very thing can change their love into hatred instantaneously.
However, there were some Uchiha who were never affected by the Curse of Hatred, and others who free of it.
6. Obito Uchiha
Curse of Hatred
Obito Uchiha was one of the few Uchiha who lived by the Will of Fire. He aimed to become Hokage, just like his Sensei, Minato.

However, Rin’s death changed him into one of the main antagonists of the series. Later, Obito regains his conscience, and gives his life to protect the younger generation of Shinobi instead.

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