All 6 types of Cursed Seals used by Orochimaru

Throughout the series, Orochimaru used his Juinjutsu on several people. By studying Jūgo’s body, he was able to create something called as the Cursed Seals. These cursed seals enhance the physical capabilities of a person considerably, even allowing them to use Senjutsu Chakra.

Here are all 6 Types of Cursed Seals used by Orochimaru.
Let’s begin—
6. Jirobo’s Cursed Seal
Jirobo was the weakest member of the Sound Four. Like all other members, he possessed a cursed seal. The Cursed seal of the Sound Four were not as powerful as those received by Sasuke or Kimimaro. Upon activating the Seal, Jirobo resembles an Ogre. Despite not being strong enough, this cursed seal increased his powers tenfold.
5. Tayuya’s Cursed Seal
Tayuya was a Genjutsu expert from the Sound Four. She weilded the cursed seal on the back of her neck. After activating her seal, she is shown to gain and immense amount of strength, as she was also able to break free from Shikamaru’s Shadow Bind.


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