All 6 Types of Chakra Mode in Naruto

All Jinchuuriki have access to certain abilities of their Tailed Beasts. While some are able to Partially control their transformations, others have full access to the Tailed Beast Chakra and utilize that Chakra to the fullest. Some people don’t even need a Tailed Beast to enter a Chakra Mode.

Today, I’ve made a list of all 6 Types of Chakra Mode that we’ve seen.
6. Lightning Release Chakra Mode
Okay, so let’s begin with the 3rd Raikage and the 4th Raikage’s Lightning Release Chakra Mode. A user can attain this mode by covering their entire body in Lightning Chakra shroud which electrically stimulates the nervous system, which enables the user to react way faster to the impulse. The Lighting Release Chakra Mode pushes the user’s physical abilities to the absolute peak. When the Fourth Raikage utilized this mode, he was able to dodge Amaterasu, somehow, and was only bested by Minato Namikaze and Naruto Uzumaki in this mode.
5. Lava Release Chakra Mode
The Lava Release Chakra Mode is a special attribute of the Jinchuuriki of Son Goku. Rōshi was able to utilize this chakra mode, by covering his entire body in a coating of lava, which increased his physical abilities as well as granted him a great defense. Due to its extreme heat, Roshi was able to burn targets without even touching them. As such, the opponents were forced to stay on the defensive, and try to avoid any contact.


  1. i believe that this state didn’t disappear after the 4th great ninja war..but what happened to his 9 truth seeking balls??


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