6 Supernovas Who Will Join The Luffy-Law Alliance At Wano

2. Basil Hawkins strongest Supernova alliance

He is one of the Supernova pirates who we first met in the Sabaody arc. He is known as the magician. Hawkins can easily divert the damage he suffers to other people via dolls he carries. He is currently working under Kaido as a headliner. We now know a bit more about his devil fruit abilities.

He is the user of a paramecia type devil fruit known as Wara Wara no Mi or Straw Straw devil fruit. Also, he has a variety of different abilities like we saw in the One Piece chapter 913. Like Kid, his dreams of taking down Akagami Shanks are over and I think he’ll focus on taking down Kaido as well.Basil Hawkins He is just working for Kaido as it might be the need of the hour, and I’m pretty damn sure that he’ll join Luffy-Law alliance in the future as well. He’s my personal favourite among the Supernovas and I do not want him to be on the side of the bad guys.

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